Sirena HyperLuxe Mask


Due To Extremely High Demand And The Material Sourcing Requirements That Go Into These Luxury Items To Design These Masks, Sirena HyperLuxe Masks Are In Extremely Limited Supply


What is art?/Who does art belong to/who has the right to own art?  If you asked ancient Egyptions, they would tell you it belongs to pharoes

Sirena Premium Masks are back in stock! Get it while it's still available. 


Cover 30% more of the face/have 30% more surface material than normal masks. 

  • Designed by Italian tailors 
  • Less Than 9 In Stock
  • Unique shape
  • Extreme Comfort
  • Lasts for years
  • Sweat-resistant fabric 
  • HyperLuxe Masks Only Available Here
  • Extremely Limited Supply
  • 24/7 Premium (Top Priority) Customer Support
  • 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee



  • Two Layers of Tulle
  • Lycra Spandex
  • Poplin Cotton
  • Cambrelle
  • Antifluid Layer



There is currently free shipping for a limited time. 

Refund Policy:

There is a 90 day refund policy on all products. Even if the product has been opened and used. Try the product for 90 days and if you aren't completely satisfied you can get a complete refund. 

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